Have a particular mathematics education interest and want to join others with a similar interest?

We currently have two special interest groups.  We welcome others who wish to form a special interest group to contact any member of the board with a proposal.



Led by Stephanie Casey

The purpose of this group is to improve the K-12 teaching of statistics (particularly the statistics standards in the CCSS-M) in Michigan by supporting teachers and those who work with teachers. The group brings together statisticians, statistics educators, and mathematics teacher educators to work collaboratively towards this goal.  Contact Stephanie Casey to join this group.


Teaching Content Courses

Led by Nina White

TeMaCC stands for "Teaching Mathematics Content Courses." Pre-service teachers take both methods courses (where they learn how to teach) and content courses (for gaining deeper knowledge of the subjects they teach). TeMaCC focuses on sharing ideas about the design and teaching of of the later-- math content courses for future teachers.  Click here for more information.