MI AMTE Leadership Election Results

We are excited to have members willing to serve the organization in this way! We encourage you to congratulate and thank them for their service and leadership. We can't think of a better place to do that than at the upcoming Conversation Among Colleagues March 17th at Eastern Michigan University. 

Tim Boerst, Chair Nominations and Elections Committee
University of Michigan



S. Asli Özgün-Koca, Wayne State University


I am a professor of mathematics education and the program coordinator for the mathematics education in the College of Education at Wayne State University. I teach methods courses for preservice secondary teachers and graduate courses in mathematics education. My research interests are in the use of technology in mathematics education and mathematics teacher education. I served as the AMTE’s Technology and Mathematics Teacher Education Committee chair between 2014 and 2016. Currently, I am serving as the co-editor of CITE-Math Journal and as the MI-AMTE Membership Committee member.

I am a proud member of MI-AMTE since its establishment and dedicated to its mission.  I am looking forward to collaborating with the board and all committees as we reach out to and work with more mathematics teacher educators, mathematicians, and other mathematics education leaders and organizations to “promote excellence in the preparation and continuing development of all teachers” in Michigan.



Jane Porath, Traverse City East Middle School


I am an 8th grade mathematics teacher at Traverse City East Middle School. I have been teaching mathematics for 22 years. I have served the community of mathematics education in various capacities.  I was on the Board of Directors for NCTM and MCTM. I also enjoy working with teachers and providing professional development.

As an organization in its first few years, I am excited to play an integral role in the development of MI-AMTE, growing and responding to the needs of its members. The Conversations Among Colleagues is a wonderful conference that brings together some of the best educators in mathematics from Michigan and even the nation.  I hope to work with others to continue these efforts and more. MI-AMTE provides a platform for our network of mathematics teacher educators and helps connect all of us.  It would be an honor to serve as secretary to move forward with the organization. 


Board Member-at-Large

John Gruver, Michigan Technological University


I am in my second year as an assistant professor in the department of mathematical sciences at Michigan Technological University. I am interested in investigating the relationship between students' learning experiences in classroom environments and their subsequent reasoning. Of particular interest is conceptualizing and better understanding students' mathematical noticing in classrooms and their mathematical interpretations of classroom events. I also have experience using and researching pedagogies of enactment with both teacher candidates and in-service teachers.

My commitment to MI-AMTE stems from my belief that all students deserve access to quality instruction, which can be best achieved through productive teacher education. I believe that we should collaborate with each other, other organizations, and the state as we strive to provide excellent teacher education. MI-AMTE affords us the opportunity to establish and strengthen these collaborations.


Board Graduate Student Representative

Rosalie DeFino, University of Michigan


I am a second-year doctoral student in Mathematics Education at the University of Michigan. My interests lie at the intersection of practice-based teacher education, teaching elementary mathematics for understanding, and teacher agency in disrupting patterns of social injustice and inequity. Prior to enrolling at the University of Michigan, I taught 5th grade in Chicago for five years. I also worked as a writer on the fourth edition of Fifth Grade Everyday Mathematics.

Through engagement in MI-AMTE, I aim to contribute to and learn from collective efforts to responsibly prepare and support teachers of mathematics. As a graduate student and novice teacher educator, I will draw attention to issues affecting the development of future mathematics teacher educators. I am also committed to raising questions and exploring work that connects ideals of equity and social justice to tangible and actionable practices, both for mathematics teacher educators and mathematics teachers.