MI-AMTE Leadership Election

We are excited to present the 2018 MI-AMTE leadership candidates. We thank all of them for their willingness to serve the organization!


BOARD MEMBER-AT-LARGE (2 year term: 2019-2021)

Shari McCarty, Aquinas College


I am currently an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education for Aquinas College. My position is housed in the mathematics department but I work closely with the School of Education. In fact, I play a key role in the vision and strategic planning process for the School of Education. I am the faculty leader for the Aquinas Education club. I continually try to connect my teacher preparation classes to actual classroom experiences. My research interests are in the opportunities afforded to students for higher order thinking in all settings.

I am actively involved in a group of colleagues from higher education institutions and our local intermediate school district. We are committed to investigating and working together to provide the best teacher preparation and new teacher support that we possibly can. I have provided teacher professional development opportunities for both large groups and individuals.  My goals to continually improve teacher preparation, specifically in mathematics, and my values to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, fully align with the vision of MI-AMTE.

Meghan Shaughnessy, University of Michigan


I am a teacher educator and researcher at the University of Michigan School of Education. My program of research focuses on the study and improvement of elementary mathematics instruction, specifically practice-intensive approaches to the professional training of teachers, and assessment of developing skills with teaching practices. I co-direct the NSF-funded Assessing Teaching Practice (@Practice) Project, which creates simulation assessments that assess core teaching practices and MKT. I also co-direct the NSF-funded Organizing to Learn Practice Project which focuses on furthering the skills and capabilities of practicing teachers through engagement in professional development. I have led the planning group for the undergraduate elementary mathematics methods course at the University of Michigan, designing and enacting approaches to support the learning of mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT) and teaching practices that support student learning and promote equity. A central component of this work was mentoring graduate students as they learned to teach the course. I was also involved in the School of Education’s project to redesign its elementary teacher education program.

I have been a member of AMTE since 2009 and have been a member of MI-AMTE since its inception. The coming years will present opportunities and challenges for teacher educators and teacher education programs across the state. Changes to licensure requirements on the horizon create unique opportunities for mathematics teacher educators to collaborate on and enhance the preparation of novice teachers.  Practicing teachers will also need different professional learning opportunities as the work in preservice teacher education begins to focus on a narrower range of mathematical topics with more depth. I believe that MI-AMTE can and should serve as a hub for mathematics teacher educators across the state to collaborate to enhance the training of teachers. 

TREASURER (3-year term: 2019-2022)

Carla Tayeh, Eastern Michigan University


I have been a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Eastern Michigan University for the last 30 years. I teach content and methods courses for elementary and middle school teachers, and my areas of interest are problem solving, geometry, and using technology in the K-8 math classroom.

I am excited to be part of MI-AMTE as I believe in their mission of fostering community among colleagues and professional organizations across Michigan.  I co-chaired the 2018 MI-AMTE conference held at EMU and look forward to further opportunities to help MI-AMTE grow. 

Board Graduate Student Representative (1-year term: 2019-2020)

Charlene Jones, Wayne State University


Under the classification of research assistant for the Center of Excellence and Equity of Mathematics (CEEM) at Wayne State University, I work as a Mathematics Instructor where I teach mathematics to urban youth and as the Data Manager for the study of the Math Corps Expansion.  In addition, I am an adjunct instructor for The College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts where I teach a new course called Math for the Arts.  The course is designed to give students quantitative experiences relevant to their interests.  For Project REALM (Realizing Equity and Achievement for Learning Mathematics), I facilitate professional development sessions for K – 12 educators.  My professional interests are to provide learners equitable, accessible, and relevant educational experiences.  I am interested in growing with learners as an instructor, consultant, and mentor.

My commitment to professional developing mathematics teachers in Michigan influences me to take on various roles that allow me to be an informed contributor in their growth.  As a graduate student working on a Ph.D. degree in Curriculum and Instruction, I stay abreast of current research surrounding professional development of teachers.  Also as a graduate student, I work as a facilitator delivering professional development sessions to urban educators to assist with their command of the curriculum and to encourage progressive conversations about students.  As a visiting mathematics instructor in K – 12 school settings, I interact with teachers as a colleague, supporter, and mentor.  Involvement in MI-AMTE will afford me the opportunity to communicate with others, enriching my existing knowledge of professional development of teachers in mathematics.